Privacy Policy

whowho&company (Corp.) (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") makes every effort to ensure that the personal information of its customers is safely protected, and the personal information it obtains from its users is as follows:

Collected Personal Information
The Company collects at minimum the following personal information for providing its service.
[Mandatory] Phone number, contacts information stored on device, device information
[Optional] Information necessary for registering an account, profile information

Collection of Personal Information and Purposes of Use
The information collected by the Company is used for the following purposes.
1. Member Registration & Management
Personal information is used in order to confirm intent to use the service, verification of identity, maintenance and management of membership, prevention of inappropriate use of the service, various notices and notifications, settlement of grievances, etc.
2. Providing Basic Functions of WhoWho (hereinafter referred to as the "Service")
Personal information is obtained in order to provide personalized services such as displaying phone numbers at the time of sending and receiving texts and calls, recommending services targeted to phone numbers registered in contacts, using call messages, managing profiles, call history memo management function, etc.
3. Marketing & Advertising
We obtain personal information for the purpose of ascertaining statistics on use of the service, improving the quality of the service, measuring frequency of use, providing new services and specialized services, providing a service based on demographic characteristics, delivering prizes from raffling events, etc.

Handling and Retention of Personal Information
The Company destroys personal information upon achieving the purpose of its collection.
However, the Company may preserve information for a set period of time if necessary in accordance with the Company's internal policy and the relevant laws and regulations.

Sharing and Provision of Personal Information
The company does not disclose the personal information of the data subject without the prior consent of the data subject on the outside. However, there may be exception to this if:
- the owner of the information has given prior consent to its disclosure;
- there is a special provision of the relevant legislation.

Provision of Information to Third Parties
The Company may provide some information in part to third parties for the purpose improving its Service. Details of this are as follows.
- Information provided to: NETPATHY Co., Ltd., MAILLINK Co., Ltd.
Provided information: User's email address Purpose of providing information: for the provision of notifications and promotional information related to the Service, and providing other marketing-related information.
The collected information is provided to third parties when necessary for achieving a purpose related to the sharing of the information, and the information is destroyed immediately upon achievement of its purpose.

Rights and Responsibilities of Information Provider and How to Exercise such Rights
The information provider has the right to request to the Company the following in relation with the protection of their personal information.
- To browse collected personal information
- Request correction of incorrect information.
- Request deletion of information
- Request to cease of processing
These requests may be made in writing, on the telephone, by fax, etc. to the Company, and the Company will respond to such requests without delay.
If the information provider requests correction of incorrect information or deletion, the Company must not use or provide to outside sources any information until the information has been corrected or deleted.

Destruction of Personal Information
The Company will destroy the relevant personal information without delay when it becomes unnecessary such as if the time of personal information retention has lapsed or the purpose of its obtainment has been achieved.
In such cases as the Company needs to retain personal information in accordance with laws and regulations even though the time of retention has lapsed and/or the purpose of its obtainment has been achieved, the pertinent information will be transferred to a separate database or storage area to be preserved.
- Method of Destruction
Personal information written or printed on paper will be shredded or incinerated, and electronically stored personal information, such as in the form of a file in a computerized database, will be deleted by technical means which render it non-restorable.

The Company takes technical and administrative measures to ensure that personal information of information providers is securely protected and is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged.
- Technical Protective Measures
The Company commits itself to ensuring the prevention of leakage or damage of personal information on account of hacking, viruses, etc.
, and is making efforts to have in place all technical equipment to ensure security of the system.
Administrative Protective Measures
The Company checks implementation of its privacy policy as well as compliance of persons in charge in ways such as by having a Personal Information Protection Department, and makes efforts to immediately correct problems as they are discovered.
However, we will not take responsibility for problems arising on account of negligence on the part of the information provider or through the basic risks of the internet.

Contact us regarding matters relating to personal information
If you have any questions, complains, or matters you would like to discuss relating to the personal information collection policy, you can contact the Personal Information Protection Department (

Revised on May 1, 2016